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I actually wanted to give this 4 stars because, while the format takes some getting used to and the writing is pretty basic, I put it down absolutely adoring Cher herself. I knew nothing about her going in, but the book made me like her. Talk about someone who isnt into the rules. She has so much personality, and the slices of her life allow her to tell stories without becoming too nostalgic or droning on and on. By the way, she was rocking the May-December thing long before it became an Ashton/Demi thing. Who knew? Its interesting that it was published right before BELIEVE shoved her in the public spotlight again; as she wrote it theres no way she could have anticipated the upswing in her career for the zillionth time.She explains her artistic choices (and her outfit choices) and tells the history of her romance with Sonny Bono. Its interesting to read an autobio by someone who was so keenly aware of how she was (is) being perceived by the public at any given time. Oh, and the woman knew *everyone*. Anyone who was friends with Lucille Ball is alright with me. A great light read, another win for Celebrity Trash Bio Book Club!

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